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🥝 How can I set my food preferences or allergies?

We are always working to make Jow better with improved features, and we are working on integrating the ability to list ingredients to be excluded.

When you create your menu at Jow, you can adapt the recipe according to your wishes by changing certain foods. To do so, click on an ingredient to choose another brand or reference that you like or delete the food and replace it by another one in the "More" tab. For example, you can change the milk in a recipe to a non-dairy option of your choice by changing that ingredient when the recipe is in your cart.

You can also filter some recipes by updating your tastes in "my account" > "my personal info" > "my tastes" 😊 If you hate mushrooms, tell the app and Jow will exclude those recipes from your suggestions when we create a menu for you.

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