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❤️ What is Jow?

Jow helps you plan your meals effortlessly. Our app provides you with a menu based on your tastes, food preferences, and the tools you have in your kitchen. Then, we automatically fill your shopping cart with all the necessary ingredients to cook your recipes. Magic ✨

Then all you have to do is add any other everyday items you might need from the store, and you're done. Shopping is no longer a chore!

👛 How You Save Money with Jow

No, you are not dreaming, Jow actually helps you save money! Buy only what you really need:

● When you choose a recipe on Jow, we only add what you need to make your dishes.

●If your menu includes several recipes, Jow will share the quantities needed between recipes to avoid waste while allowing you to remove what you already have from your basket.

● No more unnecessary temptations while wandering the aisles of the store, buy only what you need!

Time is money, right?

● With Jow, save time every week with an optimized shopping list in 1 click, magic!

● Don't waste a second while shopping. Your shopping list is organized by food category so you can go straight to the right aisle.

📝 Create and Save a Shopping List Without a Grocer Account

You can create a shopping list without ordering by using a non-store account (Apple, Google, or Facebook login) 🎉🎉🎉

To do this, log into your preferred social media account within the Jow app, choose the number of recipes you want to make, and tap Let's go!

● Specify the number of servings, your kitchen equipment, and your dietary preferences

● Create your menu either using our personalized recommendations or searching for recipes

● Tap Create my grocery list

You can then use this list to do your shopping in-store and check off items as you add them to your cart. Once you have checked off all the items, click on "I'm done shopping" to save your menu to your Jow account. You can come back here when you're ready to cook and get the step-by-step instructions. Then all that's left to do is enjoy your delicious recipes! 😋

🍔 Find and Save My Favorite Recipes

Search for a recipe by type or by ingredient. Jow provides you with several tools to find your future favorite recipe:

● You can find a recipe from Menu creation or by tapping the cooking food icon at the bottom of your Jow app home screen and opening the Time to cook tab.

● Search recipes by keyword, ingredient, type of dish (pizza, pasta), or diet (vegan, vegetarian).

● When you're composing your menu, you can also tap + Add a meal and choose recipes from categories like Family, Brunch, and Comfort food.

To save a recipe, click on the heart icon and it will be saved in My favorites. Then find them in your favorites in 2 places:

● in the Time to cook tab

● in the Shopping cart tab when you replace a recipe, the My favorites category appears to choose a new one from your saved recipes.

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